Photo by Celine Kim

Photo by Celine Kim

Romantic couple embracing by the water



Melissa Sung is a lifestyle and wedding photographer in Toronto, Ontario, serving couples who are absolutely lost in love.

Her work captures the simple moments that are often overlooked, but truly tell an authentic story—the way he pulls her in closer when they embrace, how she crinkles her nose every time he makes her laugh, and the way her father can’t help but cry when he sees his little girl in her dress.

From a wedding day to an ordinary Tuesday, Melissa’s talent of documenting honest emotion is most evident in the way she sincerely cares for the couples and individuals she has the honour to photograph. 




We visually demonstrate our love for a significant other through touch—when we hold hands, kiss, or hold each other close.

Finding these tiny moments of connection is what directs Melissa's eye, capturing them in a split-second with the snap of the shutter.