Kiruna, Sweden


This past winter, my friend Rowa and I decided to embark on a small adventure to Swedish Lapland (enroute to Iceland - which I can't wait to share as well!).  We flew to the northernmost town in Sweden and stayed in a tiny hand-built cabin furnished with reindeer skins and antlers. My favourite part of the cabin was a small wood-burning stove that we used to keep the cabin warm and cook our simple meals. The property was shared by grazing reindeer and a family of roaming moose. It was a simple existence for a few short days in a magical setting.

On our second day we set out to explore the snow covered landscape with 6 beautiful, smart and eager Siberian Huskies.  We pretty much just had to hang on tight as they knew their route so well. It was cold but I barely noticed because the whole experience was so surreal. Afterwards, we got to meet the youngest members of the family - such sweet little pups!

On the final night, we drove up to Abisko National Park and took a 25 minute long chair lift up to the top of Mount Nuolja in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.  Instead, we were treated to a beautiful clear night sky, lit up by a big bright shining moon.  The view was breathtaking.  It felt as though we were on top of a whole other world.

It was a very special place to visit and going through the photos just makes me want to go back and explore some more!